What is Access Tucson?

Access Tucson was established as an independent, non-profit, membership based organization for the management of public access in 1984. Access Tucson provides the training and facilities for Tucsonans to communicate with the community utilizing electronic media. Public access producers provide the ideas, information, and diversity to create the most visible part of our organization, the programming.

Access Tucson is funded by cable subscribers in the form of franchise revenue fees to the City of Tucson, by corporate and individual donations and fundraising efforts.

What is Public Access?

Public access television is the only forum where individuals can express their opinions and perspectives to the community through cable television. Access television provides the community an important venue for First Amendment rights, the right to free speech. Public access television makes the use of electronic media possible for many groups that are under represented, or not heard or seen at all in conventional broadcast television.

Access Tucson Provides:

  • Production classes.
  • Youth after-school programs
  • Access to production equipment.
  • Cablecast of programming produced locally or outside of Tucson.
  • Stand-by Scholarships for classes
  • Project consultation.
  • Production opportunities for non-profits. 
  • Underwriting opportunities