Battle of the Badges!


- Lisa Horner
Director of Training

Tucson police and amateur boxers from other law enforcement agencies squared off in 15 matches Sept. 19 in what police billed as the Battle of the Badges, a charity event. Boxers were matched by height, weight and boxing experience in the ring to raise money to revive the Tucson Police Officer's Association's Police Activities League, a nonprofit organization.

Tucson police officer Mark Doe, who is part of TPD's gang outreach effort, wants to help children stay out of trouble. He said money raised by the admission fee will be used to buy sports equipment for youths at risk as a reward for doing well in school.

David Cheng

The event was held at the Casino del Sol's beautiful AVA amphitheater, whose staff and facilities are top notch! A big thanks to James Christensen (aka Tank) for all the assistance.


Gordon Austin

David Cheng and JonPierre Reaume

La Monte Ward, Access Tucson Deputy Director and Co-Producer for the event

This was one of those truly wonderful, but VERY intense productions. It required a very capable crew--thankfully we had some of Access Tucson's finest volunteers! Gordon Austin, Bryce Schneider, Bill Kersey, Charles Onwuhai, David Cheng, JonPierre Reaume and Hal Jackson made this production happen! Staff members Larry Foster, La Monte Ward, Lisa Horner and Vikki Dempsey rounded out the team. It takes an amazing amount of hard work to set-up, produce and strike an event like this. A giant thanks goes out to this crew.

Bill Kersey & Larry Foster

Hal Jackson

Bryce Schneider

Access Tucson Engineer, Roy Knappenberger

Personally, I would have fallen out of the ring doing camera if not for Charles Onwuhai, Access Tucson truck driver extraordinaire and my grip for the night. The ring literally shook when the bouts were underway--it was all I could do to hang on to the corner and keep shooting! Charles parted the ropes for me a million times to run in and get up close and personal with the fighters between rounds. I have many sore muscles and many lovely memories of the evening--like the rinse spit on my foot from a fighter. Totally exciting!

Lisa Horner & Charles Onwuhai


Catch the cablecast of the entire program on the premiere weekend:

October 10th and 11th
@ 8:00 and 11:00pm
99 Cox
74 Comcast